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I think of all the -ographies, “selenography” is my favorite.

Enjoy these historical atlases of the moon, the earliest studies of the moon’s surface features (AKA “selenography”). The above were drawn by:

  • Michel van Langren (1645)
  • Johannes Hevelius (1647)
  • Giovanni Cassini (1679)
  • Tobias Mayer (1749)
  • Richard Andree (1881)
  • Henry White Warren (1879)

Previously: Check out Galileo’s watercolor illustrations of the moon, and find out how a few simple sketches realigned the heavens.

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I hate that cops always feel entitled and above the law regardless of any situation.

my dads a firefighter and the one of the fire stations and police stations are connected and the cops always act cocky and talk shit about the firefighters

our city is always getting new cop cars but our schools can’t even afford to supply the classes with pencils